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Lydia C. Filzen presents
Contemporary Novels and Short Stories

Silent Witness
Agility Suspense Unleashed! 

Can we hear in our hearts what animals wish to tell us?

Dog trainer Dani Sayre has that ability, but denies her talent because she fears learning things she does not want to know. Her estranged lover, Mark Hughes, comes sniffing around and asks her help in training his dog for agility competition. She reluctantly takes Mark on as a student. He wants to renew their relationship, but Dani can’t forget that he betrayed her in the past.

When the pharmaceutical firm where Mark works becomes a target for attack by eco-terrorists, his dog is the only witness to a murder. In order to learn the truth, Dani must overcome her reluctance to use her gifts. Can she help Mark prevent the terrorists from destroying the drug company and its workers?

Romantic Suspense novel 200 pages ISBN 0-9766449-1-6

Published by Global Authors Publications

Available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon,

Dogwise and Clean Run Magazine

Or order an autographed copy directly from Lydia! $16.00 includes S&H


I know, I know…don’t judge a book by its cover. But the cover of Lydia Filzen’s Silent Witness makes a promise. In a composite photo, a sable Smooth Collie (yes, a Smooth!) leaps over an agility jump while a building explodes in flames behind him. “Look inside,” the cover seems to say “and you’ll find excitement, suspense – and a lovable dog, too.” I opened Silent Witness to see if the story lived up to the promise its cover made to me.

After finishing the nearly 200-page book in only a handful of days (no small feat when you have a busy toddler), I can report that Filzen knows how to catch a reader’s attention from the first page and hold it to the last. As the plot builds to its climax, I had to force myself not to peek at the final chapter for reassurance that my favorite characters were all still alive at the story’s end....

...Adults ... with a taste for contemporary suspense and a love for dogs should be grateful that this is one book that you can correctly judge by its cover. Silent Witness fulfills its promise.

Book review by Kristina Marshall, Eagleslook Collies
Collie Expressions, April/May, 2006


Filzen includes references to real clubs and agility trainers, which is a nice touch. Her representation of Kennel ownership is also realistic, as is another side-story involving rehabilitating and rehoming a rescued Golden Retriever.

Book review by Brenna Fender
Clean Run, November 2006

Short Stories

Getting It!

Savvy Shetland Sheepdog Ruffian knows a deadly secret, and can’t figure out how to clue in his Person, Lynn. An intruder has evil plans for both of them. But like most people, Lynn can’t seem to get what her dog is trying to tell her. How can he warn her that her life is in danger?

Lynn comes home to find Ruffian suddenly acting spooky. He’s underfoot and won’t go into the bedroom. That night, he panics at agility class when he sees a stranger. How can she get into his head to find out what’s wrong? Will calling in the animal communicator her friend recommends provide answers?

Lynn connects, but isn’t sure she believes what Ruffian is supposed to be telling her. A missing handgun and the smell of cigarette smoke in her bedroom seem to confirm his fears. How can she protect herself? Should she call the police and risk being labeled a nut case?

"Getting It! by Lydia C. Filzen is adorable!  Written mainly from Ruffian's point of view, this dollar download from Echelon Press is worth every single cent and more.  It is quite short; you'll be able to read it easily in one sitting, but it packs a huge amount of enjoyment that will leave you feeling good when you are done." 

From Brooke at Romance Junkies

 Angus the Vampire Slayer
Jamie lies exhausted and abandoned, watching the door, fearing the vampires’ return. Soon they will come and suck his blood through needle teeth, each stinging prick harder to bear than the last. He knows from experience that it is almost time for them to appear. Every passing moment increases his dread.

The door opens and in walks the biggest dog he’s ever seen. Jamie meets Angus, a Great Dane that Mrs. Lewis has brought to visit with him. Angus lets Jamie pet him and seems to like him. Angus makes him laugh and forget his troubles for a while. Jamie wishes he could have a dog that big so the older kids won’t mess with him.

Then the dreaded vampire comes into the room with his vampires-r-us tray. Jamie’s terror returns. Will Angus be able to protect Jamie from the bloodsucking enemy?


Above photo by Wes Mayhle


For further information about Firetrail the Movie and Perfect Disguise, contact Forbesfilm.

Lin Laffitte as Judith Rogers and Jim Hilton as Capt. Blake Winberry

Historical Novels
by Lydia Hawke


He was determined to protect his state from an unstoppable foe.
She sought a place of safety.
Together, they faced the coming storm.

 Perfect Disguise


  Desperate to escape the marriage her drunken father demands, Willa Randall joins the Confederate cavalry disguised as a boy.

Exiles on the Saint Johns

Northeast Florida seethed with hostilities during the War Between the States, pitting father against son and neighbor against neighbor.

  Suspense Fiction by
Lydia C. Filzen

Silent Witness

 Agility Suspense Unleashed

Nonfiction articles by Lydia Filzen frequently appear in:

Civil War News

Clay Today Newspaper

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