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Lydia Hawke presents
 Fictional accounts of the War Between the States

Raiders on the St. Johns

   His assignment to Florida to recruit a Union cavalry company meant Captain Dan Farrell was returning home to a state split by conflicting loyalties. Among them his brother Jack, a member of Confederate Captain J. J. Dickison's partisan rangers. As an officer, Dan would like nothing better than to put Jack out of action. As a brother he feared the day they would meet in battle.

   Complicating Dan's life is his neighbor Sarah Cates Phillips. His return to Florida renews his acquaintance with the alluring widow.

   To Sarah, Dan is more than the appealing Yankee captain that once stole her heart. His worst flaw is the color of his uniform. How can she love a man who is out to destroy those she holds most dear?

Published by Global Authors Publications ISBN: 978-0-9821223-7-2

Order an autographed copy directly from Lydia!  $18.00 Includes S&H

Now a feature-length movie!

February, 1865, Columbia, South Carolina
Sherman’s army is destroying everything in its path as it blazes through South Carolina. Blake Winberry, a Confederate cavalry captain, is transferred from the Virginia front, determined to defend his home state. There he finds out his fiancée has left him for a profiteering draft-dodger, adding insult to jeopardy. 
  Judith Rogers has lost her husband and her home to the war. A desperate journey through South Carolina poses new terrors when a group of marauders threaten to plunder the scant possessions and dignity she has left.
  Blake saves her from unspeakable horrors and offers her the hospitality of his home. Still chaffing from his fiancée’s rejection, he asks Judith to marry him, an offer she hopes will bring her the home and stability she craves.  But he must leave the warmth of home and his bride to take on an unstoppable enemy, against hopeless odds.
  As Columbia burns, Judith once again finds herself homeless, and Blake strives to maintain his humanity in the midst of war’s brutality.
  Will Judith make Blake forget the fickle woman he still loves? Will she succeed, only to lose him in the next bloody battle?

Published by Global Authors Publications ISBN: 0-9766449-7-5

Order an autographed copy directly from Lydia!  $18.00 Includes S&H

Now a feature movie!

  Desperate to escape the marriage to a brutal neighbor her drunken father demands, Willa Randall joins the Confederate cavalry disguised as a boy.
  Dressed in a uniform, she feels safer amid the threat of battle than she did at home. But can the unsuspecting captain she secretly loves protect her from the abusive fiancé hot on her trail?
  Captain Jeff Spencer believes the boy who volunteered to join his troop will be an asset and takes him on as an aide. But how can he account for his unwelcome feelings for his latest recruit?

Published by Global Authors Publications ISBN: 0-9766449-0-8

Order an autographed copy directly from Lydia! $16.00 includes S&H

Exiles on the St. Johns

   Northeast Florida seethed with hostilities during the War Between the States, pitting father against son and neighbor against neighbor. The territory between the coast and the St. Johns River was a disputed land, unsafe for Unionists and Secessionists alike.
   Confederate sharpshooter Jack Farrell loses an encounter with an artillery shell during a battle in Maryland. He returns home to recover from his wounds and get on with his life. Instead, he faces conflict with  his Unionist father and Yankee raiders.
   Martina Sanchez, a young Minorcan woman, struggles to hold onto her St. Augustine home despite threats of banishment by the Union occupiers. She must keep peace with her enemies for the sake of survival.
   Carlo Sanchez, her younger brother, hates the Yankees, who killed their older brother. Martina fears his spying will bring more disaster into their lives.

   Union Lieutenant Richard Prescott creeps into Martina’s life, blackmailing her to achieve his ends. Her only help comes from the disreputable Jack Farrell, who appears to be just as dangerous as her tormentor

Published by Global Publications ISBN 9780982122334
Order an autographed copy directly from Lydia! $17.00 includes S&H

  Silent Witness
 Written as Lydia C. Filzen

   Can we hear in our hearts what animals wish to tell us?
   Dog trainer Dani Sayre has that ability, but denies her talent because she fears learning things she does not want to know. Her estranged lover, Mark Hughes, comes sniffing around and asks her help in training his dog for agility competition. She reluctantly takes Mark on as a student. He wants to renew their relationship, but Dani can’t forget that he betrayed her in the past.
   When the pharmaceutical firm where Mark works becomes a target for attack by eco-terrorists, his dog is the only witness to a murder. In order to learn the truth, Dani must overcome her reluctance to use her gifts. Can she help Mark prevent the terrorists from destroying the drug company and its workers?

Published by Global Authors Publications ISBN 0-9766449-1-6

Order an autographed copy directly from Lydia! $16.00 includes S&H

firetrail premiere

Above photo by Wes Mayhle


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Lin Laffitte as Judith Rogers and Jim Hilton as Capt. Blake Winberry

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